Bishop Oyedepo : You Need A Coach To Be A Star In Life

I learnt Faith from Kenneth Hagin.
I can virtually complete any statement by Copeland.
Jerry Savelle is a reflection of Copeland.
There is a Kathryn Kuhlman inside Benny Hinn.
Kenneth Copeland came out of Oral Roberts.
Kenneth Hagin came from Smith Wigglesworth.
TL Osborn came out of William Branham.
In this proud and arrogant generation,people don’t see need for a coach.
They want to bé self-made and end up in self-destruct.
In academics, you’re perpetually under one form of supervision or another (from Pre-school to Ph.d)
If you want to emerge a star without a coach, you suffer reproach.
Every star needs a coach not to become a cockroach.
In the field of sports, no star ever emerges without a coach.
You need a coach to emerge a star
You need a coach to remain a star.

Source : faithlifestyle blog

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