Bishop Oyedepo; Even The Wicked Abacha, Said “When A National Crisis Stays For More Than 3Months, Government Has Hand In It”

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The President of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, made a profound and thought provoking statement yesterday in a Midweek Communion service at the Church’s Headquarters, Canaan land ota.

In his message while describing the deplorable state of displaced persons likened it to the farmers in plateau  and Benue  state who have been displaced from their homes by the Fulani Herdsmen and are living in a very pitiable condition, at the sound of every vehicle, the first thought is ; are they bringing food for us. Despite this horrendous acts of this Fulani herdsmen who chased the people out and renamed the villages, none has been arraigned, Bishop Oyedepo quoted the words of former Military President General Sanni Abacha ,” When Crisis lingers in a Nation for more than three months, the Government of the day has a hand in it “. This statement needs deep thinking, and as Nigeria prepares ahead of 2019 Elections, their fate is in their hands. Bishop Oyedepo also pronounced curses on the sponsors of this groups, their hide outs and he said Judgment has come upon them, the displaced people will return back to their land.


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