Bishop Oyedepo Declares Theme of Shiloh 2018 as “Dominion”


Man was created for dominion at the beginning
– Gen. 1:28
But our dominion was lost to sin through the first
Adam, while Christ restored the same back to us
through redemption – Rev. 5:15-0/Eph. 2:5-6/ Eph. 1:20-21
Today, the Holy Ghost empowers believers to walk in
dominion – Luk. 10:19
We are in the last days, we are in the days of full
restoration of dominion to the redeemed of the Lord
– Mic. 4:1-2/ Isa. 2:1-3
We are in the era of dominion of the Church of Christ in
these last days, when the kingdom under the whole
heaven, shall be given to the saints of God
– Psa. 110:1-3/ Dan. 7:25-27
We are in the last days, when the law shall be proceeding
from Zion – Isa. 2:1-3/Psa. 87:1-7:
We are in the last days, when all the springs of life shall be
domiciled in the Church – Psa. 87:1-7
Remember, the Church is not a building, the Church is a
people, the redeemed of the Lord – Act. 7:38
The Church is the body of Christ, the fullness of Him that
fill all things – Eph. 1:20-23

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