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In our Focal Scripture, Jesus commanded the dead young man to arise. Jesus called him “young man”. He wasn’t an old man. He still had a journey ahead of him, and Jesus told him to arise. He still had heights to attain, and Jesus told him to arise. There were new seasons waiting in his future, and Jesus told him to arise. There were greater phases of his life that were yet to unfold, and Jesus told him to arise. The chapters of his life were not closed yet, and Jesus told him to arise,

Friend, Jesus is saying to you, arise! Arise from the misfortunes that came your way. Arise from the heartbreaks you suffered. Arise from that health challenge that wants to make a mess of your destiny. Arise from the setbacks that stopped you in time past. Arise from your past losses and mistakes. Arise from that place where the enemy kept you. Arise from your own failures. Arise from the place of stagnation. Just arise.

That young man only had a mention about his mother; there was no mention about a wife or children. So there was still the matter of marriage and fatherhood ahead of him, and Jesus asked him to arise. Today, dare to arise, because there is a great future ahead. There is more that is yet to happen. There are more territories to take over. There are more gates to possess. There are new heights to attain. There is a lot that you can still become.

Arise, dust up yourself and move on: there are new doors and gates that are about to open; there are diverse miracles and testimonies waiting in your future; there are greater transitions that God will bring you to; there are new chapters of your destiny that are yet to unfold; there are multiple reasons for celebrations and congratulations that are yet to become your reality; there is more than you have ever witnessed so far in your life.

Don’t allow what happened to you to keep you down. Don’t allow even your own failures to keep you down. Arise, and press towards the future.

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