When God gives an instruction, just obey, don’t wait to ask God why, you may not be alive to have the answer.

Bishop Oyedepo shared a striking testimony, many years back even before he was called into ministry, somebody was dead and he was to enter the house to pray for the person, then the spirit of God forbad him not to go and he said he cannot pray for the person but an overzealous brother went ahead and prayed for the person, few days later the overzealous brother died mysteriously.

Whatever the spirit forbids, don’t go close to it, don’t say I will try, don’t say I am anointed; anointing doesn’t work where God doesn’t lead. If you go to the wrong place, your anointing will become like cheat, it is not anointing that brought us to where we are, it is guidance.

As anointed as Paul was, when he went to the wrong direction, he was humiliated despite the oil upon him, I protect my destiny and walk with God in guidance than the anointing, and the anointing is of no consequence when you are in the wrong place.

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