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In our Focal Scripture, whilst Peter was stuck in prison, in chains with soldiers surrounding him, the Angel of the Lord turned up. Peter was not in a position to leave the prison by himself, but the Angel of the Lord came to his rescue. That Angel would eventually lead him till he got to the iron gate that led into the city. The deliverance he could not give himself from the hands of Herod, he received it through the help of an Angel of the Lord.

Friend, I pray for you: may God send you the help of angels. May God send you angels that are ready to fight your battles. May God send you angels with the answers you need. May God send you angels with drawn swords. May the Lord send you angels of good news. May the Lord send you angels who will break you out of every destiny prison. May the Lord send you angels who will put you out of the reach of the Herods of this world.

Herod had made sufficient arrangements to keep Peter in prison, preparatory to being killed. Peter was in chains, guards were at the prison doors, there was no hope of escape, but the angel of the Lord showed up and took Peter out. Hear me as I hear the Lord: whatever arrangements the enemy has made to keep you in any destiny prison, you are breaking out by the ministry of the angel of the Lord. You are receiving angelic help.

Today and henceforth, receive angelic help to win your battles. Receive angelic help to prevail over the enemies of your destiny. Receive angelic help to tear down the structures of the enemy. Receive angelic help for destiny announcement. Receive angelic help to break out of your old and enter your new. Receive angelic help to possess your ‘Jericho’. Receive angelic help to press forward. Receive angelic help for your good news.

You will not see pain; you will not see shame; you will not see reproach. Angels of God are at your service. Receive the ministry of Angels.

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