Abort The Process !


When people think of Abortion they think of it only in the negative point of view, abortion however has positive uses if effectively utilized. A wise man once said ; success leaves clues, Well, so also failure, sin , poverty and so on.

Every Result is the product of a process whether positive or negative , to avoid the result ; Abort the Process ! Sin is not an end in itself, it is the result of a process ; so to avoid sin, to avoid fornication abort the Process!. What people have not understood is that the Process is as important as the result. Let me tell you, you have the right to chose a process but you have no right to chose the end-result of a process, once a process is initialized its control has left your hands, you are at the mercy of the result, the best and only option is to Abort the Process!. Once you understand this you have no excuses whatsoever for sin or failure. As a lady the moment you began dressing indecently, you initialized a process, that unwanted pregnancy is the end-result, the moment you began following bad guys around town, you initialized a process the end result is immoral behavior. The moment David the King was at home during the time kings went for war, he initialized a process, the moment he was looking at a lady bathing through the window, he was cultivating the process, the end result was rape and Murder. Rather than aborting the end product of a process which may take your life and lead you further into sin, Abort the Process.

Abortion is a conscious decision you make daily in your life, Examine yourself and thoroughly search out processes that must be aborted, it might be a best friend, it might be a girlfriend, it might be pride, fear and so forth.

Brethren we need to be more concerned about the process than the end-result , there is no Devil in this thing, whatever result you don’t want to see ABORT THE PROCESS !

Written by David .O Oshin

Henotace Team

David Oshin is a Content Creator || Full stack Web Developer||Podcast Host || Digital Marketing Strategist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.

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