23,000 Fatima Rosary Rallies on October 13th will be Largest in History

 Twenty three thousand captains are gearing up to lead individual prayer rallies nationwide to commemorate the Miracle of the Sun and Our Lady of Fatima’s urgent message of conversion in the annual Public Square Rosary Crusade on Saturday, October 13, at noon. 

It will be the largest network of public rosary praying in history, and it is sponsored by America Needs Fatima.Since 2007, America Needs Fatima has organized annual rosary rallies. But in 2018, the rallies have been received with special hope.

National rosary rally coordinator, Francis Slobodnik, said:

“Deep down, people feel that we cannot keep on this path of sin and chaos. They sense the need for a pathway back to God and Our Lady on both a personal and national level. That is why 23,000 captains agreed to organize individual rallies in their own towns. This gives them a sense of hope and accomplishment — real hope for America, because there is no human solution to the breakdown in moral standards.

“Our biggest challenge is not recruiting new captains, but rather finding the time to speak with all the people who call in and express interest.”

Each rally captain received a beautiful long banner to display at their rally. The message on the banner reads:

“PRAY THE ROSARY. As human efforts fail to solve America’s key problems, we turn to God, through His Holy Mother, asking His urgent help.”

“So many people are turning to the Fatima message and especially the Rosary for hope because it offers a sure remedy to our wild and godless culture,” Slobodnik continued. “Prayer, penance and true conversion are the answer to the personal problems, addictions and sufferings in so many lives.”

America Needs Fatima is a campaign of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), which is also distributing rosaries free of charge to Catholics and non-Catholics. To join a Rosary Rally or to receive a free rosary, call toll-free: 1-866-584-6012.

Source: Christian News Wire

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