Your Authority Is In Your Tongue – Bishop David Oyedepo

Midweek Communion Service- 27th Of April 2022

Bishop David Oyedepo ministering live in canaanland

Your authority is in your tongue, life and death are in the power of the tongue, it is what you say that God confirms.

Many great men of God have their tongue cleaved to their mouth, so their life is without expression, even when they talk, they talk timidly and diplomatically.

All your goliaths will collapse as you engage your tongue in faith, Jesus commanded the supernatural at will, he said Lazarus come out, it is a command , not an advice.

We can’t command the supernatural with closed mouth, when the words of mouth is revelation provoked, God is comitted to confirm it.

What forces are there to enforce the Supernatural.

The first force is the Angels of God- Angelic intervention is one of the vital forces to engage to command the supernatural, angels are not clapping hands to entertain you, they are ministering spirits to minister for us. If you are face to face with angel, shout angels of God take charge.

You have angels at your disposal, engage them. There will be wonders this Sunday as we release vengeance angels.

When operating in the word, we have the covenant Rights to engage angels in our various battles . You can never be stranded with angels at your disposal, believe in their ministry and you will never lack testimony.

When the written word translates into the spoken word, it puts you naturally in command at all times. Let the word dwell richly in your heart, it will flow freely from your mouth.

If the word is not in your heart, it can come out of your mouth, the bible says ” out of the abundance of the heart , the mouth speaks”.

You can have the word of life and be speaking the word of death, it comes out of you naturally, you are face to face with death, you are still speaking life.

When it is established in your heart, it flows out of you naturally. It is not just speaking slangs, it is having it settled in your inside

The Next Force is the Force of Praise

It looks so ordinary, it is powerful because when we indwells his people in the midst of praise, everything that bows to God, bows to you as you live in praise.

You invoke his manifest presence through your lifestyle of Praise. The enemy goes around to make God’s people murmur and complain so they can miss God’s presence.

You may secure human sympathy by murmuring, but it is risky, it holds no value but negative value.

Murmuring brings destruction, complaining brings devastation. The bible says in everything give thanks.

It may not look like what you want but without God , it would have been worse. This is how powerful the weapon of praise can be.

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