Apostle suleman speaks
* When last did you knock on somebody’s door and say I brought you the gospel of Jesus.
You entered a bus from here to Abuja, your mouth was closed, no prayer, no preaching. God says; this one ,I don’t know him.
Infact in that car, it was satan that was preaching ! the driver put on one nasty music, you paid for the car, you should enjoy the comfort of the car, at that time, you have become a shareholder in the car, so a music that you are not comfortable with should not be played while you are there.
You can simply say sir, please turn off that thing or bring it down, I cannot accommodate it, it is either you turn off the music or you give me my money let me come down.
Friendship with the world is enmity with God, you have people playing music opposite your room that is affecting your mind, just talk to them quietly, if they insist, prepare and plan to pack out.
Jesus was a preacher, he preached to thousands of people, then he preached to a lesser crowd to people in a wedding, that tells you the power of one on one evangelism.
There are people, bible students , young believers who are looking for microphone to preach, you are waiting till they put on one poster and you appear there like an herbalist.
You have not handled megaphone , you want to handle microphone, you have not done town cry, you want to cry on the pulpit, Jesus at his level did one on one evangelism, when last did you knock on somebody’s door and say I brought you the gospel of Jesus.
If you have not done that, God says, I don’t know you. People do birthday parties, what an opportunity to share materials and preach, no! in your birthday as a Christian, they were dishing out alcohol and playing worldy music.
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