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Yadah lovely birthday note to nony_daniel of @sonshubmedia

Yadah lovely birthday note to nony_daniel of @sonshubmedia
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My Manager!!! Words are not enough to celebrate you. I see all that you do. I see all of the sacrifices.. I see the sleepless nights, I see the intentional efforts and moves.
I know you’re a goal getter, I know whatever you set your hands to do, you give your all until you see it happen. I’ve seen you believe even in the impossible and they happen.
You’re relentless, strong and ever dreaming/aspiring. You’d just think a thing and the next moment you’re on it.
You do not procrastinate, always doing.
Those that know you know that you’re straight forward and always sincere.
You have the heart of a child…so sincere and blessed are those who are lucky to enjoy that part of you ?.
Thank you for being so caring about every detail. Thinking about your huge sacrifices, tears are brought to my eyes.
You’re too hardworking…. ????. I’ve learnt so much working with you,. But the most important thing I’ve learnt is that I’m a star. This very thing you tell me always ?. Thank you for believing in me even in moments when no one else would, no matter the flop, you are a constant hype man. Thank you boss.
Just know that I celebrate you forever. Today isn’t enough boss! You’re a great and kind man.
Happy birthday to you @nony_daniel of @sonshubmedia
In this new year you grow and expand, things work for you. Favor everywhere!!! You won’t struggle like the previous years. God bless you for me!!!



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