Mykehia Writes Letter To God And Sends It Through The Balloons, Receives Response A Week Later

A Georgia teenager wrote a letter to God and then sent it to the clouds attached to helium balloons – and was shocked this week when she received a response.

The 18-year-old teen girl, Mykehia Curry, was inspired to write a letter to God about her financial situation. She is planning to attend college.

“God help me go to college. God this is me again, please help me get everything I need to leave Wednesday. I love you, Amen,” the letter read, according to WMAZ-TV.

Curry is heading to Albany State and will be the first person in her family to attend college, she told the TV station, although she needs a few things, including a refrigerator, a comforter and school supplies.

So, she wrote a letter to God and attached it to three balloons, never thinking it would be read by anyone. God apparently had other plans.

Jerome Jones, a part-time minister at Springfield Baptist in Monticello, Ga., found the letter Monday on a construction site.

“It was God calling me saying, ‘You need to answer this,’ and I did,” Jones told WMAZ.

Curry was surprised that the letter was answered.

“It was beautiful. It’s kind of hard to explain,” Jones said. “She was like, ‘Is this mine for real?’ and I said, ‘It’s yours. God answers prayers. I like helping people, especially young people. They’re our future.”

Source : Michael Foust

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