Will there be Camping at Canaanland for Shiloh 2020?

Will there be Camping in Canaanland for Shiloh 2020?
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If this is your question , then read on, I will be explaining all about it and why there may not be camping this year (2020) for Shiloh.

shiloh is the annual convocation of the winners family worldwide, its a prophetic gathering of the living faith church members and other people trusting God for definite encounters. Shiloh since inception has been a birthground of strange miracles, especially miracles babies and marriages.

List Of All Shiloh Themes Since Inception

Shiloh 1999: Encounter With Destiny
Shiloh 2000: Heaven On Earth
Shiloh 2001: From Glory To Glory
Shiloh 2002: What Wisdom Is This!
Shiloh 2003: All Things Are Possible
Shiloh 2004: Showers Blessings
Shiloh 2005: Possessing Your Possessions.
Shiloh 2006:destined To Win
Shiloh 2007: More Than Conquerors
Shiloh 2008: Manifestation Of The Sons Of God
Shiloh 2009: Hour Of Restoration
Shiloh 2010: Breakthroughs Unlimited
Shiloh 2011: Waves Of Glory
Shiloh 2012: Double Portion
Shiloh 2013: Exceeding Grace
Shiloh 2014: Heaven On Earth
Shiloh 2015: From Glory To Glory
Shiloh 2016: My Case Is Different.
Shiloh 2017: A New Dawn
Shiloh 2018: Dominion
Shiloh 2019: Breaking Limits

Shiloh 2020 : Turn around Encounters

Camping May not Hold

Shiloh 2020 is a unique one because it is in the same period of the Covid 19 Pandemic, even though it has drastically reduced in Nigeria, the second wave of Covid has begun in many nations, and foreigners coming to camp in Nigeria increases the risk of bringing Covid into Nigeria.

In this vein, President of Living Faith Church, Bishop Oyedepo released a memo directing winners family to stay back in their local assemblies both for foreign nations and within Nigeria for Shiloh 2020.

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Bishop Oyedepo Directs every Winner to stay back in their local assemblies for Shiloh 2020

so will there be camping at Canaan land for Shiloh 2020? from all indications, there will likely be no camping this year because no official announcement has been given to that effect which is unusual. People are admonished to watch live from their local assemblies.

Are people still going to Camp in Canaanland?

Yes! Obviously, people are already on ground right now, because there is no way technically Papa can stop people from camping in Canaanland because the high expectation of people for an encounter, he has done what he can by encouraging people to stay back in their local assemblies and it is recorded.

What is the Expectation from this Shiloh?

This year’s Shiloh is unique just like every other Shiloh, its a season of turn around encounters. It is a mountain of diverse encounters resulting in supernatural turn around of every participant.

Official Shiloh website : https://shiloh2020.org

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David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.


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