WHO kicks against Countries Producing their Own Vaccines

WHO kicks against Countries Producing their Own Vaccines

  • We Need to Prevent Vaccines Nationalism
  • Like an Orchestra , we need all instruments to be played in harmony, to create music everyone enjoys.

World Health Organization has kicked against Countries producing their own Vaccines, WHO Director General, Dr. Tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus, revealed this is in a special broadcast, he explained the need for all countries to come together , so the world can have one Vaccine, he said,

we need to prevent Vaccines nationalism, like an Orchestra , we need all instruments to be played in harmony, to create music everyone enjoys, one or two instruments playing by themselves just won’t suffice when the world is waiting and listening intently, we would want to bring the band together to promote science, solutions and solidarity, because we believe to our core that we do it best when, when we do it together.

He further explained that WHO is working with government and private sector, to accelerate the science through the ACT – ACCELERATOR and ensure that new innovations are available, to every one every where, starting with the those at highest risk.

Main while, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome , Believers Love World Inc., has advised countries to produce their Vaccines, he explained that those that put us in this mess have lost directions themselves, the broadcast by WHO has attracted diverse opinions from different sectors , many people claim they don’t believe in WHO anymore, they have lost their credibility.

Anna Vanek, reacted to the video by WHO Director General, she said , This will never be mandatory, its our bodies! You do not get to inject us with whatever you want ! Its called freedom of Choice.

Russia on Saturday announced that it has produced the first batch of its COVID-19 vaccine after President Vladimir Putin announced it had been first in the world to approve a vaccine.

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“The first batch of the novel coronavirus vaccine developed by the Gamaleya research institute has been produced,” the health ministry said in a statement quoted by Russian news agencies.

Putin’s announcement on Tuesday about the vaccine was met with caution from scientists and the World Health Organisation who said it still needed a rigorous safety review.

Putin said the vaccine was safe and that one of his own daughters had been inoculated, though clinical trials were not yet complete and final stage testing involving more than 2,000 people only started this week.



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