Lord, did I get you right? Or did I miss the right approach ?, ask him, otherwise you will just beating and fighting all the days,  he knows everything, we only know something little.

Why is this not working?  He will tell you, if you are sincere,  I am not the one that sent you to do that and wisdom demands , Lord God, what are you saying for me to do ? He will say, stop that first, and Lord, what do I do next?  Start on this and like the dream of the night, you that was looking like a latecomer will just come right to the frontline when you follow his leading. (henotacemedia)

Our frustrations can be traceable to not asking questions, or not asking sincere questions? Most people are bothered about what to tell people when God tells them what to do after they have missed it.

You don’t owe anybody any explanation following God, you are too careful about your prestige, which prestige, one day, I thought God told me something and he said he didn’t tell me, so I told the people, God didn’t tell me, I thought he did.

It is better for people to leave you than for God to leave you, people are temporal, God is eternal, when you ask God questions, prepare for an answer, don’t design an answer for God.





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God bless You!

Henotace Team (7)

David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.


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