When someone spoke against Arch. Bishop Benson Idahosa, We Beat him up – Apostle Suleman

When someone spoke against Arch. Bishop Benson Idahosa, We Beat him up - Apostle Suleman

  • When pastors spoke against Pastor Chris, I stood with him
    *They threatened to arrest , I told them to arrest me too.

Founder, omega fire ministries, Apostle Johnson suleman revealed how he stood with Pastor Chris oyakhilome when the media attack him was ferocious, speaking in a special Sunday service, Apostle Johnson Suleman explained that the church is no more respected , according to him, a woman said the Christians in the time of Abacha are no more, all of them held a prayer meeting against Abacha (with all due respect to Abacha family), Abacha No More and that night he was called.

That time the church had one voice, today bishop comes and stands against what is happening in the church, one Pastor shamelessly does a video to counteract him, you are interested in the comments you are getting from people, the church no more has one voice he lamented.

Apostle Johnson Suleman explained that is why he sticks his neck anytime a man of God is attacked, when pastor Chris was insulted over 5g Apostle Suleman explained how he defended him

“this man has come to say what he knows, if you have any contrary opinion say it or shut up!”

Apostle Suleman said people were calling him from the presidency to take his hands off the issue, they were about to pick Pastor Chris, but Apostle Suleman insisted, you pick him, you pick me. He is my brother, whether what what he said was right or wrong, I will always stand with him

Before God called me, i know how many people I slapped when they spoke against the Arch Bishop, there was a young man speaking against the Arch Bishop , I called some friends and dragged him away from where people were took him to a primary school and beat him.



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