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What you don’t Understand , Don’t Fight !

What you don't Understand , Don't Fight !
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*It’s hard for thee to kick against the pricks
*What freeze and his followers must learn ?

If the prosperity of the church is your headache, then you have a real problem, this is because the prosperity of the church is just beginning and we haven’t seen anything yet. For long Bishop Oyedepo has given a vivid picture of the end time church as received from God as a mandate, in his words, God told him, get back and make my people rich ! Having understood the terms of the prosperity covenant, he held on to it tenaciously over the years even though, nothing around him looked like it, he hated the statement, as poor as church rat, and as contained in his 18hr encounter mandate in which he was called to wipe away the tears from the faces of people, he remained faithful to his duty post all these years, when the manifestation began, people began to wag their tongues, say all manner of things which includes was Jesus rich? , obviously they cannot do anything with the prosperity of the church and his life personally, so they resorted to backbiting and all sorts!
One reason, I believe daddy freeze thoughts and opinions really went viral was because he was the voice and thoughts of many who couldn’t be heard by reason of weak social media presence, since he was a social media influencer and a known journalist, he automatically became their voice and ultimately their leader in this move. What Daddy freeze and his supporters needs to understand is that, this is a divine mandate and you cannot do nothing to stop it except you will be fighting God. They thought it through, it must have been the tithe and offerings, let’s attack that aspect, but what they didn’t understand is that , it is the blessing of the Lord that maketh rich and added no sorrow to it, for long Bishop Oyedepo had been crusading the prosperity mandate, nobody heard him until the manifestation began, to think you can mock, mimic and bring down a divine agenda is a waste of time, except the one sent on the mission is distracted. One reason the church hasn’t been able to experience a setback is because bishop oyedepo gave no listening ears to the mockers, he focused on the caller, and the results never stopped coming. What you don’t understand, you can’t fight, brethren, rather than listening to his message and looking for possible loopholes, listen to him and learn, the secret of prosperity is not hidden, he says it in his messages, he has lots of book on them, Bishop Oyedepo has said it consistently, its Matt. 6:33, seek first the kingdom and all other things shall be added. No! But daddy Freeze and his followers won’t hear that, it has to be something physical, its the tithe and the offerings, they had to bring it down to sensual knowledge, see the church size, when everyone pays tithe, do you know how much it will be ? Excuse me! If bishop Oyedepo is even eating tithes for personal benefits, I thought God had to be the judge of that ? Will God continually bless a man for robbing his people ? I thought it is faithfulness in the kingdom that leads to increase. Daddy freeze and his followers will never see this because they are blinded with envy ? Envy is really terrible because it makes you think and react horribly to issues, funny enough from the day of the insult to the day of apology bishop Oyedepo never responded because actually he never heard, he is too busy doing what keeps the blessing flowing. Last week Sunday, he said only newsmakers last, noise makers don’t last, I believe that statement was prophetic, while bishop Oyedepo was making news, freeze was making noise, well by now we know the story! Freeze has apologised for his noise. Don’t fight what you don’t understand, rather seek knowledge and impartation.
God bless you!

David Oshin
C.E.O Henotace Media

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