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We have too many Facebook leaders, with nothing to show – Prophet Joshua Iginla

We have too many Facebook leaders, with nothing to show - Prophet Joshua Iginla
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Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation . Effective leadership is not about making speeches, criticising people results, beautiful articles or being liked; leadership is defined by results not by attributes.

Leadership is not about being the best , its about making everyone else the best . Loyalty is not how far you have come but how far , you are you willing to go. When disloyal people can’t have access to steal from an organisation, they say the organisation has run bankrupt. Its is difficult for an ocean to dry .

Leaders become great not because of their power but, by their ability to empower others. If you want to see the true character of a man, give him power, money, position. Its easy to talk about people in position, when you have not enter their position, experience there battles, face their challenges and confront their goliath.

Today, we have too many Facebook leaders, with nothing to show, talking about what the have not experienced, talk is cheap, sometimes I weep for this generation of young men who are not humble enough to learn from the mistakes and exploits of great men ahead of them.

Some of us have reached a level in life and ministry by the grace of God , with humility I say this , if we don’t preach or do anything any more, we can never beg for anything pertaining life and what we eat etc and our children children .But yet we strive for the mark of higher calling . I see young men bragging over notting, be humble to last.

Some have aborted their destiny and future because of impatience and greed, some are trying to destroy fathers who made them because of pride, competition and wickedness, some even pray that there spiritual father fall , some have forgotten about the hands that feed them, when they are nobody, some fight their benefactors in the name of self righteousness and holier than thou attitudes. Oh lord help your church and the nest generation of leaders.

People of majesty, no matter how you clean a pig, dress a pig , it will go back to the dirt, no matter how you dress a monkey and put it in a mansion, it will still jump from one tree to the other in search of banana. Some people will never be content or stay with you not because you are bad , they have a nomadic mentality and DNA of Judas .

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