We don’t wish to win, we must fight- Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo in a hot service

We don’t wish to win, we must fight- Bishop Oyedepo

I was somewhere for an outreach with my team yesterday, “In Jesus name” nobody showed up. “Hallelujah” only one person drew near. Maybe we should go and come back another time, I said I am not leaving here, Jesus sent me here. To the glory of God, we got 71 souls saved there yesterday. My son who served with me was surprised but I am not surprised I am used to it. I didn’t come there to play, I came to reap the harvest of souls and you can’t move me out of there until I see them. When you call that name mixed with faith, they must bow. Let’s get ready because we are in for the best of harvests.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they knew not the moment of their visitation. People just toil with major events passing them in life. Don’t be part of that, don’t. Grab this season as your own jackpot for a change of story, throw yourself massively into it. I was returning yesterday and my wife was going, that’s how we do it. But to sit down there and just wear a suit and tie, there are too many social members of a Church, very few spiritual members. Just saying “I have been a Winner now for 15 years”. That is not the way to win. In the name of Jesus, this season will make a difference in everyone’s life.

What comes out of this prophetic season for us is a function of what anyone chooses to make of it. What you choose to make of it is what will determine your outcome from it. Galatians 6:7-9. Victory in any battle is only for those who are set and out for a fight. You don’t watch a battle to win it, you fight it until you win. Put up a fight or you stand defeated. 1 Timothy 6:12. No one shall be defeated here. Matthew 11:12. Let’s put up a fight to be listed among the stars this season. One cannot take what is his by wishing, you must possess what is yours by fighting. Deuteronomy 2:24. There is nothing God has for you and me that is not contested by forces of darkness. We don’t wish to win, we must fight. A great door of opportunities has been opened to us this season but there are many adversaries, we cannot afford to watch them.



While the command to occupy till He comes stands, how faithfully and fruitfully we occupy will determine the outcome of individuals. He gave his ten servants one pound each and in the same season, somebody made ten more, He gave him authority over ten cities, someone else made five more and received authority over five cities. Someone buried his and was damned and seven absconded and we don’t care. All of these within the same period. Many are called, few choose to respond, not few are chosen. It is not God who chooses those who will respond. Joshua 24:15. I thank God that I have not wasted one iota of my time. Before He found me, I found Him and we have been married together. 46 years running and not tired of running after souls. Jesus is doing me well. It is refreshing, it generates enviable results. It is your turn to make your choice. You are not going to miss this season. John 12:32. We are going to see massive drawings of men and women this Easter season. He went down and died on our behalf to raise many sons to glory.



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