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USA Doctors Press for Sanction Against Those who REFUSE Vaccines

USA Doctors Press for Sanction Against Those that REFUSE Vaccines
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*Coronavirus vaccine should be mandatory!
*Getting vaccinated should be a patriotic duty

  • Vaccines should be made free, there should be no religious or personal objections.

Doctors in USA are pressing for sanctions against those who refuse Covid 19 Vaccines.

According to them, coronavirus vaccine should be mandatory, and tax penalties, higher insurance premiums, and denial of many government and private services ought to be considered for those who refuse the Vaccines.

Dr. Michael Lederman, Dr. Stuart Youngner, and Maxwell J. Mehlman wrote that “[W]hile the measures that will be necessary to defeat the coronavirus will seem draconian, even anti-American to some, we believe that there is no alternative. Simply put, getting vaccinated is going to be our patriotic duty,”

There is no “alternative to vaccine-induced herd immunity in a pandemic,” they argued. “Broad induction of immunity in the population by immunization will be necessary to end this pandemic.”

They also wrote , “When a vaccine is ready,” it must be free and exemptions must only be made for people with “medical contraindications to immunization.”

But “medical conditions that prohibit all COVID-19 vaccines will be rare,” No religious or personal objections to receiving the shot or shots should be honored, they wrote, and harsh penalties should be adopted by important sectors of society to pressure the populace to comply.

They also insisted that “Private businesses could refuse to employ or serve unvaccinated individuals. Schools could refuse to allow unimmunized children to attend classes. Public and commercial transit companies — airlines, trains and buses — could exclude refusers. Public and private auditoriums could require evidence of immunization for entry.”

They then outlined how a “registry of immunization will be needed with names entered after immunization is completed.” People who receive the vaccine should be issued “certification cards” with expiration dates (“the durability of protection by different vaccines may vary and may require periodic booster immunizations”).

If we can recall, this was exactly what pastor Chris explained in his message that went viral and was criticized, he said covid 19 is not end but a means to an end, it is a tool to create fear, so they can force Vaccines on people in order to achieve their evil agenda in this stipulated year 2020. It’s all becoming clearer by the day.



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