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Unveiling the Covenant Highways of Life (Pt. 5)-The Signs and Wonders Covenant -Bishop David Oyedepo

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Message Title: Unveiling the Covenant Highways of Life (Pt. 5):
The Signs and Wonders Covenant
Ministering: Bishop David Oyedepo
The Bible does not only show you what God has to offer you as His child but also what to do to take delivery.
The supernatural is meant to be the covenant state of a believer. – Isa. 8:18
Every child of God is redeemed a sign and a wonder to his world.
You are redeemed as a lion because your father is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. – Dan. 11:32
When your spirit man is dead, your connectivity with God has ended.
The most impactful people on earth are Christians.
As a redeemed people, we are just in the world but we are not of the world; we are heavenly citizens.
As the salt of the earth, you are to prevent the world from decaying.
Salvation provides you with the divine privilege to be seated far above all principalities and powers.
God’s ever-abiding presence gives confidence, and confidence is the backbone of every conqueror.
The Holy Ghost is the custodian of signs and wonders. – Joel 2:30
The name of Jesus is not a conjunction in prayer nor is it a link from one prayer point to another.
The Name is what empowers us to be in command of the supernatural.
Faith in the name of Jesus is crucial for commanding the supernatural.
The name of Jesus gives us access to both the power and authority of Christ.
God cannot openly confirm what you cannot boldly declare. – Ps. 81:10-14
Covenant Requirements for Operating in the Supernatural
1. Be born again and remain so. – Rom. 6:1, Zech. 3:8
2. Lay hold on the Word of God. – Isa. 11:2, Rev. 5:6, Ex. 4:17
3. Engage the prayer of faith for release. – 1 John 5:15
4. Engage the name of Jesus Christ to effect your command. – Acts 3:6, 16, Phil. 2:10
5. Engage bold declarations of faith. – Ps. 81:10-14, Acts 14:3
The testimonies of others are pointers to our heritage. – Isa. 8:20
Those who despise testimonies always lack them.
There is no limit in the realm of the supernatural. – Luke 1:37, Mark 9:23

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