Uebert Angel Gives Tribute to His Wife’s Father Noah Xavier

Legends give birth to God’s vessels. Giants are those God chooses to host a seer in their loins. Baba you are that Giant and that LEGEND that gave birth to the highly esteemed Prophetess of God.

Before the foundations of the World God deciding what to do with this present age – He crowned you sir, NOAH XAVIER, as a prince and a colossal to usher in the mouth piece of God, raise her up and ultimately given grace by God to see her minister around the world and see her change millions for her LORD and saviour JESUS CHRIST.

I remember asking you how it felt and you were ecstatic. As I reminisce on our time together and the conversations we had – you were humbled by it all and I am forever thankful that you gave me a wife who is beyond anything I can ever ask for. She is my grace. She is my family’s hope. She is my hero. she is my strength. She is my mother’s pride. She is my love. She is my prophetess.

I am FOREVER indebted to you sir, NOAH XAVIER & NOW that you have gone back home to be with the Lord you served with Joy… I want you to know I can still hear your voice , I can still feel your warm personality and of course I can still hear your deep penetrating biblical questions that nearly touched the peripherals of ‘argument’ yet were questions of a very inquisitive spirit. I can still see your face and every time I close my eyes I can see your face. I can feel your joy.

You are at peace now. You opened a door into another world and I want you to know Baba, BeBe and I love you so much… Enjoy your new home and I know you have hugged Jesus already and perhaps looking for where my father SAMSON of blessed memory is so you can catch up on your funny English vocabulary exchanges and maybe just amazed still by the whole beauty of heaven.

Love you sir and See you in the clouds, at the Rapture of the church. Mum and BeBe and the whole family are safe with me as always.

You have done your part and made us proud and the whole of THE GOODNEWS WORLD thanks you for providing a PROPHETESS to them and to this Christian world. Enjoy heaven Baba NOAH XAVIER!

Henotace Team

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