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Many Bible experts including, Dr. Ed Hindson, Evangelist Donald Perkins and Dr. David Reagan, explore coming events of the Last Days and unlock mysteries every believer should know and understand. Produced by Inspiration Ministries, this amazing television event will answer some of the most asked questions about the Book of Revelation: What are the signs that we are living in the Last Days? Will there be a “rapture” when born-again Christians are suddenly taken to Heaven? Why is Israel so pivotal to End-Time events and God’s prophetic timetable? 
“In one sense we’re already living in the last days but are we in the last of the last days? That’s the question,” said Dr. Ed Hindson Dean of School of Divinity & Distinguished Professor of Religion at Liberty University. “If you’re not willing to live for Jesus, you’re sure not going to be willing to die for him. This television special event is ‘must see’ for every Believer.””Some of the of the questions this amazing television event answers are; What roles do America, Europe, and Russia play in the End Times? What is the Mark of the Beast, and what will happen to those who receive it? What is Armageddon? What will bring it about?” Said David Cerullo, Chairman and CEO of Inspiration Ministries.

“ is proud to partner with Inspiration to bring Apokalypsis: The Final Warning to new audiences through this new multimedia platform,” said Ossie Mills, President and CEO of “This brilliantly produced docuseries is now available for the first time on an on demand, pay per view basis exclusively on worldwide.”

Produced with state-of-the-art techniques by award winning Executive Producer Rudy Landa, this special was 18 months in the making and carries with it the amazing message of the Book of Revelation. “It was an honor and a privilege to tell this story of this last book of the Bible with such clarity and in such high quality.”

Here are what some of the featured experts in appearing in Apokalypsis: The Final Warning have to say:

“We call all of this God’s major prophetic time clock. Prophecy is not meant to scare us, it’s meant to prepare us. Paul called it a mystery. This special explores this concept of the rapture. The Scripture says that the dead in Christ shall rise first and then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up with Him and will be changed from mortal to immortality,” said Donald Perkins, Evangelist, According to Prophesy Ministries.

“This docuseries explores the meaning of the fig tree. In the book of Hosea God calls Israel His Fig Tree. Jesus spoke those words and He said that ‘this generation shall not pass away until all of these things would be fulfilled.’ Jesus said there would be a generation that would see the signs of life on the Figtree; Israel. And the generation that saw that, would not pass away,” said Ron Rhodes Ph.D. Theology & Author and President, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries. “Israel’s regathering the land is the gamechanger of all time, because that means the final days have begun.”

“Apokalypsis uncovers the Ezekiel invasion. You shouldn’t be surprised when this invasion takes place with Russia joining up with Turkey and Iran and Sudan and Libya and a number of other Muslim nations. It’s going to happen!” said Dr. Thomas Ice, Executive Director, Pre-Trib Research Center, Liberty University. “If mankind would repent, God would relent!”

“This is an unprecedented time of wars and rumors of war. Plus, in addition to that we have terrorism now,” said Dr. David Reagan, Founder, Lamb & Lion Ministries and Host, Christ in Prophesy television ministry. “As we premier this docuseries, the bombs are falling in Israel.”

Apokalypsis: The Final Warning also features these world-renowned analysts with extraordinary insights in the Book of Revelation;
  • William R. Forstchen, Author One Second After. New York Times Best Seller.
  • Marcus R. Ross PhD., Professor of Geology, Director of the Center for Creation Studies, Liberty University.
  • Wayne Hilsden, Senior Pastor King of Kings congregation, Jerusalem, Israel and Founder and President of Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM).
  • Theresa Garcia, President and CEO of Theresa Garcia Ministry
  • Dani Weiss, Archaeologist & Israel Expert
  • Robin Forstchen, Head of Research, Forstchen Research Institute has created a one-stop best in class multimedia platform where the best in Christian Concerts, Christian Conferences, Christian Television and Christian media programming in general is available.

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