True Lovers of God are ordained as Living Wonders

Bishop David Oyedepo (liberation 41st service..)

Covenant Hour of Prayer – May 9 2022

Love for God is not a gift, it is a choice

Love is the greatest of all spiritual virtues in the kingdom. 1 Cor 13:1-3.

The value of the anointing anchors on our love for God. No genuine lover of God ends up a failure, check it out, bible history to contemporary times, no true lover of God ends up a failure..

Our love for God also equals our love for Christ, true Lovers of God are ordained as Living Wonders.

The Capital proof of our love for God is our passion for salvation of souls. Reconciling the world back to God through the gospel is every believers covenant responsibility.

Every child of God has a covenant responsibility of reconciling the world back to God.

We prove our love for God through delightsome obedience, it is one of the great biblical proofs of our love for God. If you love him, you jump at his instructions in season and out of season.

Every instruction from scriptures is a test that changes your position.

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