Total Experience Abidjan’., HIV healed, deaf and dumb speaks , cripples drop crutches.

The capital of Cote D’Ivoire witnessed an awesome demonstration of God’s power and love in the lives of over 4,300 people who came from different parts of the city to ‘Parc des Sports’ for ‘Total Experience Abidjan’ with the esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor of EWCA Virtual Zone 2, Pastor Niyi Oluwole-Isaac.


Cross-section of the crowd present at ‘Total Experience Abidjan’.

The people came, expecting a word from God to alter the course of their lives, heal their infirmities and produce lasting change in their circumstances. Ministering the Word in the fulness of His Spirit, the esteemed Pastor Niyi brought the power of God to bear on the circumstances of the people, and miracles followed in abundance.
The Virtual Zonal Pastor sharing God’s Word with the congregants.


Among several testimonies recorded was that of a woman who came out of her wheelchair, walking unaided. Cripples dropped their crutches, and a boy that was totally blind began to see. A deaf and dumb boy started hearing and talking, while a lady who had been diagnosed with HIV found that the symptoms were gone. The results and symptoms of food poisoning were also reversed in the body of a man in attendance.

At the altar call, 385 people received Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives. Copies of the daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities, and the Rhapsody Bible were distributed to all new converts. Free copies of ‘Faith Proclamations’ CDs were also given to them for their spiritual growth and development.
New converts wave their copies of the Rhapsody Bible.

It was an unforgettable night for the city of Abidjan and Cote D’Ivoire at large!

News source : Love world News

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