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Time Magazine Recognizes Victor Glover Jr., Sarah Jakes Roberts In ‘100 Next’ List For 2023 Alongside Two Other Christians

– 4 Christians In Time Magazine “100 Next” List For 2023

Time Magazine has revealed its prestigious “100 Next” list for 2023, recognizing up-and-coming leaders in various fields. Notably, four individuals with strong Christian beliefs have been featured on this special list, including Victor Glover & Sarah Jakes Roberts.

The “100 Next” list, which started in 2019, aims to highlight fresh talents in areas like health, climate, business, sports, and the arts.

While the well-known “Time 100” list focuses on people who have already gained significant influence in their fields, the “100 Next” list looks to the future by showcasing promising leaders.

Sarah Jakes Roberts, who was recognized by the Magazine, is a pastor who shares inspiring messages and has a strong commitment to their faith.

Sarah is following in the footsteps of her father, Pastor T.D. Jakes, both in ministry and in TIME magazine. In July, T.D. Jakes installed Sarah and her husband, Touré Roberts, as co-assistant pastors of The Potter’s House Church in Dallas.

Another person is a football player Jalen Hurts who not only excels in the game but also holds steadfast to their Christian beliefs. He led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl last year after being drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft from the University of Oklahoma. Time describes hurts as a “phenom.”

Additionally, an astronaut from NASA, Victor Glover Jr, has been acknowledged for his impressive accomplishments in space exploration, showing that faith and science can go hand in hand.

Glover is an ex-fighter pilot who witnessed the action of the Iraq War. He is also  recognized for having carried a Bible and communion cups along with him to the International Space Station.

Lastly, a talented baseball player Ronald Acuña Jr. has been recognized for his  exceptional skills on the field and their unwavering faith in God. The 25 year old also became the first player in MLB history to hit 40 home runs and steal 70 bases in one season on his path to likely securing the 2023 National League MVP Award.

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The inclusion of these 4 Christians in Time Magazine ‘s “100 Next” list demonstrates the impact and influence that individuals with deep faith can have. It shows that faith matters in different areas of life and emphasizes the potential for Christian leaders to make a positive impact in the future.

As the world continues to change, it is important to recognize and celebrate individuals who hold onto their faith while making significant progress in their respective fields. Time Magazine’s “100 Next” list for 2023 does just that by highlighting the achievements and potential of these four outstanding Christians.

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