Thousands in high expectations of upcoming Healing school August session in Nigeria

Count-up to the Healing School August Session with these testimonies of healing from HIV, cervical cancer, depression.

At the 2018 Healing School Autumn Session, which took place in March 2018, in Johannesburg, South Africa, countless testimonies were celebrated. One of such remarkable testimonies was that of Tarryn Serrembock, who shared her new-found life of peace in Christ, after 15 years of depression. Her tears of sadness and heaviness were wiped away after her divine encounter with the man of God, Pastor Chris. “Now I live in [God’s] presence every day, and I’m happy. I know my future is so bright,” she exclaimed.

Healing school

Hope was restored for Mercy Fungai when she attended the Healing School and was miraculously healed of HIV and cervical cancer. On returning home, she was screened for both ailments and tested negative. Today, she is back to her work and normal life, free from the pangs of the illnesses that held her bound.

Thousands from various countries of the world are registered to attend the Healing School August Session with the man of God, Pastor Chris, commencing on Friday, July 27th, to conclude on Monday, August 27th, in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s a time greatly anticipated by the sick, diseased and oppressed, a season of restoration and divine healing.

The Healing School manifests the healing works of Jesus Christ and has helped many receive miracles through the operation of the gifts of the Spirit. Impossible situations have been changed, and many lives all around the world have been transformed supernaturally.

The upcoming 2018 August Session with Pastor Chris in Lagos, Nigeria promises to be even more glorious. There will be greater manifestations of God’s power, grace and immeasurable love with an overflow of mighty miracles! The sick will be healed, the oppressed will be set free, and hopes will be restored.

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