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This Lockdown is a Game – Bishop Oyedepo

This Lockdown is a Game - Bishop Oyedepo
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The president of living faith church worldwide, Bishop Oyedepo made a staggering revelation about the lockdown and the global pandemic, he said ; this Lockdown is a Game, why is there no upsurge in Tanzania despite no lockdown ?.

He further explained that, You know why Corona Virus is lingering on in quote? It is Corona noise, it is not Corona virus.
People are milking the system. I tell you the truth. You know I’m a prophet. I don’t have any natural spy in my life. You are cooking it in your room, I know. This upsurge is a game. It’s a game, he insisted.

There is no upsurge in Tanzania up till now and they never locked down once. All churches are operating, all schools are operating in Tanzania. Is it another world ?, is it in space?
Bishop Oyedepo therefore enjoined the congregation to join him and pray in the Spirit against all forces out to wreck humanity.
The schools are locked down he said, the future of our children is being sold off, but Market places are open, the most vulnerable place on the earth, particularly, markets in Africa and Nigeria where you will be sneezing on one another noses and decent schools are shut down, all in the name of Corona virus. This is an economic virus. Bishop oyedepo also explained that not only leaders have brain to think, most thinkers are shut down because of what they will eat, that’s one major problem of the country.

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