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The Platform Nigeria will celebrate Nigeria @60 on the 1st of October in a very unique way

The Platform Nigeria will celebrate Nigeria @60 on the 1st of October in a very unique way
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*The event will be broken into two parts. The first will be “physical” and televised while the second half will be a digital experience.

In the first segment which will kick off at 10.00am and run to 2.00pm. We will be hosting 15 individuals who have been handpicked from different parts of Nigeria from different sectors and also a few International figures.

What they all have in common are they are brilliant, knowledgeable and thought leaders.

We will be holding 15 to 20minutes conversations with each of them asking questions about the current state of the country, things that have happened in the past that may be influencing things today and then looking into possibilities in the near future.

There will be no formal speeches at this Platform.

The second half of the Platform this year will be digital where the under-listed webinars will hold simultaneously. These webinars will have a different set of panelists and speakers where detailed information and definite action plans will be fashioned out.

These webinars are practical workshops and they will start at 3pm on the 1st of October.

You will need to register to attend anyone of these seminars. Admission is free and will be hosted on Zoom.

CCG Panel Sessions At the Platform, October 2020

  1. Community Group: Music
    Moderator: Femi Jacobs
    Topic: Creating National Wealth Through Entertainment & Tourism
  2. Community Group: Fashion Entrepreneurs
    Moderator: Emana Ambrose-Amawhe
    Topic: Exporting Nigeria’s Culture Through Fashion
  3. Community Group: Family, Health and Lifestyle.
    Moderator: Francis Ebuehi
    Topic: Family as A Bedrock for Strong and Stable Society
  4. Community Group: Legal Professionals
    Moderator: Israel Aye
    Topic: Law as The Framework For Social & Economic Development
  5. Community Group: Middle Managers
    Moderator: Funmi Ikujenyo
    Topic: The Impact of Mentoring – A review of The Igbo Apprentice System And How It Can Be Applied Nationwide
  6. Community Group: Parents of Children with Special Needs
    Moderator: Nadine Lawal
    Topic: Living with Special Needs/Disability In Nigeria. Today: Breaking the Stigma
  7. Community Group: Agriculture
    Moderator: Olugbenga David-Ashiru
    Topic: Restoring Nigeria’s Economy Through Agriculture: Current Realities and Future Possibilities
  8. Community Group: People in Government
    Moderator: Soji Akinyele
    Topic: Improving the Productivity of The Public Sector
  9. Community Group: Corporate Professionals (broad category)
    Moderator: Osinachi Ibeneme
    Topic: Private Sector as A Catalyst for National Development
  10. Community Group: Women in Leadership
    Moderator: Omowale David-Ashiru
    Topic: Women in Leadership – Navigating Barriers
  11. Community Group: Film and Theatre
    Moderator: Ike Nnaebue
    Topic: Building Creativity into Our Curriculums
  12. Community Group: New Managers
    Moderator: Ndidi Ukaonu
    Topic: Igniting Indigenous Capital for Economic Transformation – The Role Of Banks, Capital Markets and The Government
  13. Community Group: Digital Technology
    Moderator: Soromfe Uzomah
    Topic: Positioning Nigeria Strategically to Derive Economic Value From The Global Digital Ecosystem
  14. Community Group: Human Resource Professionals
    Moderator: Tosin Oyebola
    Topic: Human Capital Development as A Driver Of Economic Growth
  15. Community Group: Politics 101
    Moderator: Aderoju Omololu
    Topic: Citizens Involvement In Politics & Governance



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