The place of Planning in fulfilling Destiny- Bishop Oyedepo

   The place of Planning in fulfilling Destiny- henotace
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No venture can be productive without planning, even in the physical, there must first be a plan before you can build a physical structure. Your vision is a kind of building, and it calls for planning in order to fulfill it. (1 Cor. 3:10)

Whatever your calling maybe, it is a contribution to the kingdom, we are all called to build wisely upon the foundation which Christ has laid.

Planning is therefore , necessary in pursuing your God-given vision. Planning is not optional, but obligatory, because excellence is a product of good planning.

Unfortunately, a great number of charismatics have undermined the place of planning in the name of being led by the Spirit. While it is true that we are to be led by the spirit, it is equally true that whatever the word commands is the spirit’s command.

If God in his word commands us to plan, the Holy spirit cannot lead us to despise planning.   When God had the vision of creating the world, he engaged the weapon of planning to make his vision a reality, the world we see today is a proof of God’s vision which was activated by wisdom and made manifest by quality planning.

All creation operating in their perfect order is an evidence of wisdom at work, there has never been a need to revert his creation. It takes planning to build, and the quality of your planning determines the quality of your final outcome.







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