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The Media is Dead!!! Take it from me – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The Media is Dead!!! Take it from me - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
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*Everybody is his own newsman now

  • They are now media for hire.

Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, has exposed the gimmicks behind the news media, speaking at the special loveworld service, he stated categorically that the media is dead. These news organizations are hired to write stuffs against people and therefore are not trustworthy.

The Media is Dead!!! He said, Take it from me. The idea that they are there, is a personal deception. Don’t think they are there. The game is over.

Everybody is his own newsman now. That business is finished. Who believes the media now? You’ve got to be crazy to believe them.
Whether they believe it or not, their control is over.
He further explained that God says ‘those that despise me shall be lightly esteemed’. When the media began to write nonsense about ministers of God, That’s when they became lightly esteemed. I warned them then. No wonder its all Chaotic. They are now media for hire. Today it is about writing what they are paid to write. Journalism is long gone. The Business is gone. Its sad. But, It had to go.
Because when they became very influential and they were trusted. And they looked and said the Church must be dealt with…
God caused them to be lightly esteemed.
Now, they are all struggling so bad.

He admonished people to keep holding on and never tire out, everyday, you watched the screen, all you watched was Covid , Covid, Covid… Till you were worn out and started saying ‘Okay’…
But No!!! We don’t wear out. We hold tenaciously to the truth. We are in this for the long haul.

Don’t give them the attention they want. Reject what they tell you.

We are in a warfare he explained and you have to understand it. You win or lose in the spirit realm before you see the result in the earth.



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