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The mad rush for wealth has made many to “pierce themselves through with many sorrows” – Dr Akpami

The mad rush for wealth has made many to "pierce themselves through with many sorrows" - Dr Akpami
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They simply cannot slow down and thank God for today. They cannot enjoy the moment. They are always comparing themselves with others.

Please get me right, contentment does not stop you from setting noble goals and striving for them, it does not stop you from believing for and working hard towards a better future. It makes you grateful for today. It makes you enjoy where you are while waiting for Him to take you to where you desire to be.

Contentment is not laziness. It is not sitting down doing nothing. Rather, it is a life of rest in God: unless He builds the house, the labourers are wasting their time.

Jesus said in John 16:33, “In me, you will have peace…” Not in the type of cars, you drive; not in the number of houses, you own; not in the amount of gold trinkets you possess. Why would Peter desire to build a tent on the mountain and dwell there? There were no five star hotels there and no supermarket to go for shopping. There was not much there except God’s presence. Nevertheless, God’s presence will give a man satisfaction.

You should be sad not because you could not buy that new dress, or get that latest gold trinket, but because you lack God’s presence. Beloved, learn contentment. The value of your life does not depend on the things you possess.



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