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The development of faith is not an optional activity; it is a mandatory activity – Pastor Enenche

Each time you give for the gospel, you are presenting a platform for the preacher to stand to preach- Pastor Enenche Speaks

You don’t develop your faith because you want to, you develop your faith because you have to. There are things in life you don’t need to want to; you don’t want to eat before you eat, you have to eat. You don’t want to drink water before you drink, you have to drink water.

You don’t want to bath before you bath; whether you are interested or not, you must bath if your head is correct and if you want to live a normal life. That is how faith is; it is not a matter of “I am interested in holiness but I am not interested in faith. I am interested in prayer life but I am not interested in faith.”  No, faith is too crucial to be ignored and now, why is faith necessary?

Faith is not a thing you have a choice about, it is mandatory.
1). Life answers to faith. Life is at the mercy of faith (Habakkuk 2:4, Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38). Quality of life is determined by faith and durability of life is determined by faith. You live well by faith and you can live long, also by faith.

You cannot live a quality of life higher than what your faith has allowed and the continuity of your existence cannot be guaranteed where your faith has expired. We came back from Cameroon yesterday from the Crusade and I’ve suggested that some of our crew members ,some of them, we should try and rent a charter flight for them, for them to be able to be in church on Sunday. But they said, oh no, they have tickets already to come back on Sunday morning.


Each time you give for the gospel, you are presenting a platform for the preacher to stand to preach- Pastor Enenche Speaks



They will come back on Sunday morning, let them just come comfortably via normal commercial flight. Just before we take off, someone called me and said, “We have a flight coming from Chad to Douala and it’s going to fly to Abuja empty, do you have anybody, can we pick you?”. I said, “well, we already have flight picking us but our television crew and others are still available. He said, “How many are there?” I said, “about 10-12”. He said, “we can pick all of them” – free of charge because that was what I decided at first and they said, no we already have commercial flight tickets but God said, this is what you will go by now.

Some of them for the first time in their very lives. They would have missed Church this morning. If it is not possible, it may not be the fault of the devil. It may be fault of your faith.

We just said now that you don’t need to buy it to own it; both the quality of your life and the durability of your life, they are both affected by your faith. This is the summary; life is at risk without faith. Because you don’t know the forces of the enemy, the agenda of darkness, current plot and plans of the enemy regarding your life or your family. Life is at risk without faith and this is the conclusion: if you love your life then build your faith. The just shall live by his faith; faith is necessary because your life is tied to your faith.

2). Victory answers to faith (1 John 5:4, Ephesians 6:16). I’m sure you have heard before that “life is a battlefield not a playground; life is warfare not funfair.” I heard that from God’s servant, Bishop Oyedepo for the first time and the battles of life, they don’t serve advance notice; whether you know it or not, the battle is on. Whether you are interested or not, the battle is on. You don’t hate anybody but somebody is hating you and somebody may go diabolical because he thinks your gut is too much. So, it takes a faith that is alive to win the victory.

Somebody said he was going to build in his village and arrival at the village, at the construction site, first thing he picked up was charm and from then on, construction could not go on.

This is the victory ! Some people were born into battle; you did nothing about it. In Cameroon the other day, I was ministering and gave a word about a particular community, occultic community. I didn’t know that whatever I was saying and seeing about them was shadow compared to what they were experiencing; where they’re worshipping the skull of their ancestors, that you have to exhume the skull from the ground and worship. One said he was already a pastor and his father’s skull is waiting for him to worship.

They said, if you don’t exhume it by yourself, the skull will come out by itself from the ground. Supposing it is that kind of family you were born into, you need your faith to crush that skull and set all of them on fire and send them to hell.

Another community there said, somebody can eat banana and turn into an elephant and there, they can plant banana, it will grow and bear fruit under one hour. Have you seen such technology before? Even mechanized agriculture and no technology of agronomy can do that. The wars, battles of life, they are real but you will win them!


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