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The Covenant of Favour -Pst. David Ibiyeomie

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In the kingdom of God, every success story contains favour.
Favour is the flavour of life.
Favour does not go to where it is needed, but to where it is respected.
Favour covers your errors and colours your efforts.
What salt is to soup, is what favour is to life. Without favour, life is tasteless.
Favour is what separates you from the crowd.
No matter how much you labour, do not play down on favour.
You cannot get anything you have not given.
The kind of seed you sow will determine the kind of harvest you will get.
If you want favours, autograph everything you do with a touch of excellence.
Reverential treatment to your boss attracts preferential treatment for you.
Problems are opportunities; the more problems you solve, the more favour you attract.
The authority you cannot respect cannot favour you. – Heb. 13:7.
Your last act of disobedience disqualifies your next level of favour.
Hindrances to the Covenant of Divine Favour
1. Ungratefulness. – Mal. 2:1-2
2. Pride. – James 4:6, 1 Pet. 5:5
3. Deliberately ignoring divine instructions. – 1 Sam. 15:22-23
Covenant Demands to Sustain Divine Favour.
1. Wisdom. – Prov. 8:35
2. Diligence. – Prov. 22:29
3. Good understanding. – Prov. 13:15

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