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Texas Medical Board Dismisses Case Filed Against Dr Stella Immanuel

Texas Medical Board Dismisses Case Filed Against Dr Stella Immanuel
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  • The haters have been defeated- Dr Stella
    *God has showed Himself as my protector and defender

Texas Medical Board has dismissed Case filed against Cameroon-American physician, author and Pastor, Dr Stella Immanuel, she was accused of violating medical practice with her claims of HCQ curing Covid 19, the Texas medical board wrote :
The investigation referenced above has been dismissed because the board determined that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the violation of medical practice act occurred.
As such this complaint has been dismissed without prejudice, no further action will be taken concerning this complaint.
A record of this matter will become a historical part of our files and remains statutorily confidential.
If you have any questions contact the investigation department at (512)301 7100

Dr Stella however reacted to the case dismissal, she said Texas medical board dismisses the complaint against me. The haters have been defeated and God has showed Himself as my protector and defender. God bless TMB, God bless Texas, God bless America. Good will win. American will win.

Dr Simone gold , a front line doctor who was censored alongside Dr Stella Immanuel also commented on Twitter wall, she said,
Dr. Stella Immanuel (
) was threatened by the Texas State Medical Board for advocating for & prescribing HCQ.

HCQ is a safe, FDA approved medication for 65 years. It’s outrageous there was ever an investigation.

Glad to see the case dismissed. #HCQWorks



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