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Prior to our Focal Scripture, David left behind two hundred men at the Brook Besor, because they were too tired to continue the journey of recovering what was lost. Those men didn’t offer much value for the journey. Notice that after the two hundred men failed David, he came in contact with one man who took him to where he needed to be. Two hundred men walked away, and one strategic man walked in to help David achieve his mission.

Friend, I pray for you: when men who have less value walk away from you, may God send you men who have a higher value. When those you once counted on, walk away from you, may men with a higher value show up for you. When men you once trusted walk away and abandon you, may God send you men who will erase the effect of those who walked away. May God send you men who will offer more than those who left you.

The two hundred men who stayed back at Brook Besor, were warriors ordinarily. They were men of strength, but when their strength failed them, it was one man of strategy that made the difference. Put differently, where strength failed, strategy prevailed. I pray for you: may God open your eyes to see that strategy that will prevail over strength. May God show you that plan of heaven that will defeat the mighty.

At the time when David set out, it would have seemed that he needed those two hundred men who eventually abandoned the chase; but in the end, he came in contact with one man whose contribution to his victory outweighed whatever could have been lost through the men that left. Hear me as I hear the Lord: God is sending you men who will bring such exponential value over and above those that disappointed you.

For every multitude that has abandoned you, ask the Lord to send you men who have what you need. Ask the Lord to send you men who will cause strategy to prevail over mere strength and numbers.

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