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Speak Forth Your Authority

He Who lives in you is greater (mightier) than he who is in the world.

1 John 4:4 AMPC



Many people think that God has full control over the world today and so pin the blame on Him for disasters, tragic accidents, and sicknesses. Some people become atheists because they say they can’t worship a capricious God who would allow children to suffer terminal diseases.

Sadly, what they don’t understand is that there is a devil who is very real, active, and destructive in this world. God is not the author of calamities and diseases.

Our Lord Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly! But the devil is a thief. He comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10).

The world we live in today is a fallen world. God gave Adam and Eve dominion over this world, but the moment Adam and Eve bit into the forbidden fruit, sin and death corrupted it.

Adam and Eve ceded control of this world over to the devil. Satan is called “the prince of the power of the air” in Ephesians 2:2, “the god of this age” in 2 Corinthians 4:4, and “the ruler of this world” in John 12:31.

Now, this does not mean that Satan rules the world completely and has unlimited power in the world. Please pay absolute and close attention to this. It is so important that you know and understand that believers of the Lord Jesus Christ are no longer under the dominion of Satan’s power and influence in this world.

In Christ, we may be in this world, but we are not of this world (John 17:11, 14). We belong to a higher power and His name is Jesus. The Bible also tells us, “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

That is why we can stand firm, stand strong, and stand proud upon the promises of God, and speak, “It is well” over every area of our lives. We are His! We are not like sheep without a shepherd.

All the blessings, promises, and protection that belong to the righteous “are Yes, and in Him Amen” (2 Cor. 1:20). We need only receive them by grace through faith. They are not received through our works, so no man can boast, but purely through faith in His unmerited favor (Eph. 2:8–9).

Just take the promise in Proverbs 11:21 (KJV) that says, “The seed of the righteous shall be delivered.” This means that your sons and daughters shall be kept safe and protected in Jesus’ name.

When fear works its way into your heart and you begin to get anxious about the safety of your children, just claim this promise in God’s Word and say, “Lord, I thank You that I am the righteousness of God in Christ, and You promised in Your Word that the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.”

When questions come to mind that try to put doubt in your heart about your righteousness and qualification in Christ, I encourage you to say, “By faith I have been made righteous and the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.” Furthermore, Psalm 112:2 (KJV) declares this of the believer: “His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed.” Amen!

I want to encourage you to take the gospel of grace seriously. There is a real enemy and his aim is to deceive you into thinking you have to work for your righteousness, so he can keep you constantly feeling inadequate and disqualified. But the truth is this: new covenant righteousness is a gift received by faith, and the blood of our Lord Jesus has qualified you!

Today God’s Word, God’s power, and God’s protection over you are far stronger than anything the enemy can throw at you. The devil is the ruler of this world, but don’t forget what God’s Word proclaims over you: “He Who lives in you is greater (mightier) than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4 AMP).

You are so utterly cleansed by the blood of our Lord Jesus that today the Holy Spirit, God’s own Spirit, lives in you. And He Who is in you is greater than any demon, any adversity, and any bondage. Amen!

This devotional is taken from the book Glorious Grace—100 Daily Readings from Grace Revolution.



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