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How does it help you live a better life? How does it make you a sound believer and influence the world around you positively. Yes! It is the doctrine most youths are propagating these days. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not suppose to be something that excites you, fill you with so much knowledge but doesn’t have a positive effect on mankind. All these doctrines of Lucifer is Christ, or we should pray to Lucifer and all that, What is supposed to be the business of a believer with that ? Sometimes in a bid to prove how knowledgeable we are, we delve into topics that has no relevance with spiritual growth , authority and blessing humanity.
The bible teaches that knowledge puffeth up but love edifies, the argument for or against on some topics are basically irrelevant, we all need to be concerned with things that promote love, spirituality and blessing humanity. The gospel is given as a blessing to man, because Christ died, there is hope again, because Christ died, we can live the life of the overcomer, because Christ died we can be assured of a better place with him on the last day.
Most times we distract ourselves with things that is irrelevant, we argue over things that are unnecessary, we flex our scriptural muscles over things that neither edifies our spirit , soul nor body, for most believers, the focus is gone, they are just all out to prove superior doctrine, some are out to prove superior revelation even at the expense of the unity of the body of Christ.
Any gospel that does not ultimately preach unity is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because the word of God teaches us that we will all come in the unity of the Faith, and the knowledge of the son of God,.. so the ultimate knowledge a believer needs is the knowledge of the son of God, delving into revelation without pure motives will lead into heresy , and just to prove you are deep will lead to defending the heretic doctrine, brethren, let us focus on Christ and stop debating doctrines that doesn’t add value to our Christian values, spiritual growth nor be a blessing to humanity.
Let us be guided
David Oshin
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