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In our Focal Scripture, Goliath queried why the armies of Israel were coming forward to fight with him. Goliath had a problem with the fact that the soldiers of Israel were coming forward to fight. He spoke to discourage them from coming forward to fight. Goliath saw an army that was willing to fight, and he spoke words that would encourage them not to fight. He wanted to stop them from turning up to fight their battles.

Friend, no matter how difficult it seems, always turn up to face your assignment. Never make the mistake of arriving at the place of your manifestation and refusing to show forth what you have capacity to deliver on. Never make the mistake of turning up for a battle and yet refusing to take victory. Never make the mistake of coming face to face with the opportunity for your manifestation and fail to maximize it with all you have.

Goliath found a way to make warriors lose confidence in their ability to fight. These were the same warriors that chased after the Philistines when David finally cut off the head of Goliath. They had the capacity to deliver victory to Israel, but they allowed Goliath to talk them out of what they could do. Never allow the Goliaths of this world to convince you to abandon your manifestation. Never allow Goliath to halt your mission.

Not everyone in Israel was even permitted to be in the battle field. Those who were chosen, were deemed to have capacity to fight and win. If heaven has trusted you with an opportunity to be more, please by all means, refuse to be less. If life presents you with opportunities to manifest your potential, please don’t let anyone make you do otherwise. If you get to the battlefield, don’t allow Goliath to make you sheathe your sword.

Don’t be counted amongst them that came to the place of their manifestation but were unable to come forth. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your season of manifestation.

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