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Righteousness pays in the day of trouble- bishop abioye



Some years back, my late father and my mum visited us, Sunday morning, early in the morning, my mum went to the bathroom and she slumped and I was called, I went to the corner and said, Lord, you know I am serving you, you know I am serving you, I am going to church right now, prove yourself right now.

We took her half dead, half alive to the Hospital, I got back to church very excited, no pastor knew anything because it is not the matter of pastor to pastor, it’s a matter between you and God.

You see when you are walking with God, you don’t even need people to join you in prayers because your righteousness will speak for you in the day of your trouble, that’s why , what you do in the corner is what determines your stand in the corner.

She recovered from it, I have seen several family situations, near death situations and all I do is with a smile, Lord you know I am not faking my serving you.

When the wife of God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo’s health was challenged very heavily, one day , he said before God, Lord , if you heal her , you are my God, if you don’t heal her, you are still my God and went around jumping from nations to nations serving God, and most of us knew what happened, she came back strong and agile till today.

If you want to call on the Lord on the day of trouble and for him to hear you, let your hands be clean, all these wuruwuru corner corner won’t work, righteousness pays in the days of trouble.






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