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* There is no general without scar, he may be hiding it under his dress but for you to be a star without a scar, you are deceiving yourself


Generals began as laborers, many are looking for rank when they have not made their marks, you don’t seek for ranks, you make your mark and your mark will give you your rank.

Most generals we talk about today were laborers, they were given to  labour, think about great men like Oral Roberts,  whom I understand when he went out for crusade, you can only tell the day it will start, they cannot tell the day it will close.

In those days, he will lay hands on over 2,000 people and they had morning session, afternoon and evening sessions. It is not like today, when a pastor will do one service on Sunday and take break on Monday, not in his house, he goes to a hotel to relax from the stress, to refresh himself and how old is he?  35 years old, 40 years old, the generals of old at that prime age were jumping from one place to the other no break at all.

You are asking why is there no revival like their time. Query yourself. You have the answer, query yourself. Do you pray the way they prayed, are you disciplined the way they were disciplined ? Aren’t you chatting and chatting and wasting your time here and there in the name of minister’s association. They know you everywhere to be attending all meetings; there is no privacy with God, no diligence at your work.

Revival time is work time. Revival didn’t jump on them, they worked out revival, they worked it out. The way you eat and drink and move around with telephone is not the way, when Kenneth Copeland was driving oral Roberts, he explained that when oral Roberts is on his way to a crusade,   you dare not talk to him, except he asks you something, why? He was working it out in the Spirit.

You are a pastor, Saturday, you are watching football, and you are wondering why things are not happening on Sunday, it is because you are not working and you want things to work.

Nothing works without somebody working it! Somebody is saying, how I wish, we can have an auditorium that is as big as this. They don’t wish auditorium in ministry, it is when the need arise that the auditorium will be commanded by God, if there were no multitudes gathered under this ministry by the help of God, there will not be need for an auditorium.

Don’t wish a rank, make your mark and you will get your rank. I am emphasizing this because many many have lost out in revival because of laziness, lazy to study, lazy to pray, lazy to fast. There are lot of young people today, 30 yrs, 40 yrs, they have stopped fasting.

When people tell you take it easy as a young man, don’t listen to them , the generals didn’t take it easy when they were young, young man! Don’t take it easy ! if you are called to be an evangelist, Monday to Saturday, be on the field.

Don’t take it easy ! work doesn’t  kill young people, if it does, it would have killed us. Taking breakfast before you go for service is an aberration, if you reach an old age, it is allowed. Do you think someone will tell me to take breakfast before service at age 50 or at age 55 and I will listen to the person, you can’t do that. I will cast you out. I am on business for God, I am looking for something you are not looking for.

lets get back to work. We have played enough, fire doesn’t come on lazy people, it only comes on people who are on duty.

If we fail to tell the new generation about this, we have failed God completely. Don’t wish where we are.

Somebody is saying, I wish I can be flying like Bishop oyedepo is flying. Find out where he was in 1985, 86, 87. Driving in public transport from Ilorin to Kaduna, coughing and coughing almost dead because all through the year of 1985 he was in fasting, when it was 1st of January 1986, he was coughing blood.

There is no general without scar, he may be hiding it under his dress but for you to be a star without a scar, you are deceiving yourself.







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David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.


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