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By now, I am sure you are aware of the extreme weather event that we have experienced here in Texas.

Our ministry team and congregation members overall are doing well. Testimonies abound of self-sacrificing love, heroic service, and provisional miracles.

But it hasn’t been easy.

The campus facilities took some hard hits, however, there has been such an amazing grace on everyone here.

“Unprecedented grace for unprecedented times!”

With widespread power outages, no water, and crazy roads, our network team was stunning as they found ways to stay on the air.

I was moved by the faithfulness of our maintenance team who actually held blow torches on pipes, at night, in 5-degree weather to prevent millions of dollars in loss where they could. It worked!

But even with our best efforts, there was still a significant impact.

Many interior pipes and even sprinkler heads burst. Of course, this resulted in flooding in several of our buildings. Thankfully though, not all of them!

Pumps for our water and gas wells as well as the engines for our power plant actually exploded as water and metal expanded inside. So, some major equipment was destroyed or will require major repair — plus a wide range of smaller “hits”.

BUT! Kenneth and Gloria, Terri, and I are actually very excited! All of us truly believe we are positioned at a “Golden Gate” Bridge of opportunity! Maybe I should say “Glory Bridge!”

For every destroyed piece of equipment, we will have new, better-performing equipment with updated technology.

Because the Lord told Brother Copeland to make the campus self-sufficient, I see better systems, top-notch power, and water plants, cutting-edge broadcast equipment, and everything else it takes to advance the network into new areas.

We are committed to the Lord’s commission to put this uncompromised message of Faith on every available voice. That means we are committed to the Victory Channel and all our broadcasters. We will not pull back and certainly won’t stop. But rather we will advance with a new standard of excellence and never be caught off guard by natural challenges again.

Of course, we are ALWAYS mindful of our partners and viewers.

Whatever our faith is set for includes YOU!

Perhaps the extreme weather hit you as well. Or maybe you were already in need of repairing and replacing or even expanding like we are. As you stand with us, be assured we are holding you close as we all walk across this Glory Bridge of opportunity.

Together, we will watch the faithfulness of God unfold in an outpouring of provision, healing, and a move of the Spirit that will rock this world!

As we always have, we are sowing, sowing, sowing, and encourage you to do the same.

The devil will wish it was Hell that froze over instead of us!!


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