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Relax God is already putting things in place for your favour


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The set for this photo shoot was not built for us. Few days before our wedding, wifey and I decided to do a pre wedding shoot in Abuja, we called an old friend of hers, he was in town and available to do the shoot even though we had actually booked someone else for same day but God prompted us on that morning to use her old friend instead @gottay (sorry for adding filter to your edit 😁).

We had no plans on what to wear, we randomly picked these outfits. When we got on set, @gottay told us there was another set at another location that would fit our outfits perfectly. A day before, he visited a friend that is into set design, he saw this set and mentioned to her that he loves the set and she said she built the set out of boredom and she would take it down the very next day to build something else for a paying client, she also mentioned he could use it for a shoot if he needed to. Gottay had no plans to use it, not under the short notice. Until he saw our outfits. He called his friend immediately and she said the set was still intact. We went there and created this exceptional photo, with background matching our outfit perfectly.
For anyone reading this, and asking God When? I have great news; Relax God is already putting things in place for your favour, let your heart be at perfect peace, He makes all things beautiful in His time, trust it.

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