Read this Touching Birthday Note from Prophet Bushiri to Uebert Angel

Happy Birthday to my spiritual father, who also happens to be, the greatest Prophet of MY time.

Today, the entire world is holding hands together, giving you a standing ovation, celebrating the gift God gave us in the form of you. You Sir, are a matchless, unrivaled, inimitable, and nonpareil gift.

What you have done for me, my family, the entire ECG church and the rest of your sons and daughters is immeasurable. The honest and unquestionable truth is this, what you are to the world and to all who are blessed to know you is unequivocally unprecedented. Thank you Dad, for carrying the weight of our generation in your spirit. This world is a better place because it has UEBERT ANGEL!

As it was said of King Solomon, none before him nor none after him could compare to him. Such is true concerning you Dad. And though I am exposed to your teachings, love and guidance on a regular, your scintillation never diminishes. You are a continuously blaming flame, and the devils worst nightmare!

May this new added year prove to be the most fulfilling, educating, rewarding and restorative. I love you Dad, Father of Major 1!



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