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Read Apostle Arome’s Birthday Note to Rev. John Akpami

Read Apostle Arome's Birthday to Rev. John Akpami
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It’s a great privilege to be a part of your prophetic quiver and apostolic company, daddy!

My pastor, man of God, teacher, and father in the gospel of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ!

At 64, God’s condensed grace upon your life indisputably makes you a father of fathers. Your impact across the nations is aeons’ worth. You are most deserving of the being designated E PLURIBUS UNUM, for it has been the Holy Ghost Himself that has separated you for such massive kingdom impact.

Quintessential practitioner of righteousness, paragon of magnanimity, with a golden heart large enough to bear and forbear without being overbearing, many sons and daughters, who are steadily coalescing into a formidable kingdom force upon the earth.

Your words match your deed as your life matches your message – no greyness with you, Jesus is indeed your Lord! The depth of your wisdom and compassion is phenomenal. The fatherhood you provide draws its essence and potency directly from God. This is why I and the multitude you oversee are impregnably covered by grace and mercy.

Amid the dearth of fathers with an unmuffled, uncompromised voice within the body of Christ, the Lord blasts and thunders nonstop through your vessel. Your obedience to the heavenly vision models the endless possibilities that abound through winning by righteousness.

Daddy, thank you for saying yes to Jesus. Thank you for insisting that the Lord’s will is more important than personal ambition. Thank you for allowing the Lord torch your vessel so the nations can be touched by God’s outstretched arm. Greater days lie ahead. As your years pile on, so shall the irreparable damages to the installations of darkness.

I, my family and the Remnant Nation love, cherish and celebrate you daddy!

Happy birthday Dr. John E. Akpami



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