Prophetic Dream Last Night: The Rape of America

Prophetic Dream Last Night: The Rape of America
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Prophetic Dream Last Night: The Rape of America

Vision: I fell into a vision last night during dinner and then I fell into a dream when I went to sleep. First, let me share the vision. I saw this huge ocean wave and not it wasn’t the red wave. It was a type of huge ocean wave before me where I could see into another dimension of what the future of America would look like. I saw Kamala Harris on the other side. I saw a state of the union that was worse than socialism. It was the rapid decline of America as we know it. The Lord said ONE YEAR. It would take less than a year for the dismantling of America. This vision was different than others that I have had. It was where God was showing me two alternate realities before they became reality. A choice of sorts. I saw them vividly. It would depend upon the choice of believing Christians. Many have chosen to believe the word of the Lord to stand with Trump for 4 more years. And then there are believing Christians who chose to believe false prophets of Baal (the media) in a false peace that was proclaimed by Biden in his fake victory speech. America has been given the illusion of peace, the illusion of a Biden win. It is not official. They are accompanied by the media and even some parts of corruption in the CIA. There is an underground intelligence at work against its very own people. I saw across the divide into the vision of what would become of America. I believe the Lord showed me this to warn the people. It is very serious. Not to be afraid but it is very serious. This is why I am having prayer calls and broadcasts every night to round the prayer warriors as long as the Lord tells me to. I’m in it for the long haul. There are traitors in the land and they will be exposed.

Prophetic Dream: The Rape of America. I was invited to a type of job interview. It was a foreign land. I remember leaving my house, driving, and then I was there. The place I arrived was a huge mansion/corporation. It has steps that were steep and winding. As I climbed the steps, I saw huge class windows, overlooking what looked like the summit of a mountain into the city. It was night time. Night lights everywhere. As I met with the CEO of this corporation, they led me into a large interview room. At first, I could not find the right door to go into, and then after circling around, I found it. When I arrived and came into the room, I saw a round table. A discussion roundtable and I sat in the midst of 7-8 men. My first impression was that these men were very wealthy and very powerful. The CEO sat next to me. I was waiting for them to ask me questions because after all, it was an interview, so I thought. I also thought they were going to pass out dinner but there was never any food. I began to realize I was seeing another agenda. The CEO put his hand on my shoulder in an inappropriate way. I took his hand off my shoulder. I began to hear conversations. The job position was a massage parlor. I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. This place had high ceilings and was a very big open space and visible to all. They were hiding nothing. They disguised themselves as corporate heads but they were in reality predators. One man began to get up and whispered to another with a body language of impatience that he wanted something to happen. I then saw what this was. All of a sudden, everyone got up from the table and went into attack mode. I knew what they were after. I was trapped. I had no idea what I had walked into. I thought it was applying for a job.

In the next scene, I see, I was in this type of cybersecurity room. These men came into the room with these cyber dogs that were digital in appearance. They almost looked like part flesh and part hologram, but they were very ravenous. I had a wooden chair in front of me to fight them off. I do believe I was about to be gang-raped. Then in a flash of a moment, the spirit of God translated me out of the dream and I woke up.

When I did wake up, I asked the Lord, “What was that all about? I stayed in a mode of pondering and prayer to wait for the Lord to show me. My first sense was that every since Biden claimed his fake victory, a type of socialism America loomed over the country. I have been feeling it for days. Then I remembered the vision I had before going to sleep where God showed me the two alternate realities. Then as I prayed and pondered some more, I felt like I was in the land of Brazil or in or near Venezuela. I was like, “God, what does this have to do with anything?” Then it became clear. I was America in the dream. I was representing the nation of America in human form. The men were the global elites from various nations. And the CEO, I have no identity on him. I just know he was a smooth talker and master manipulator. The Lord said America was on the verge of being raped by a type of cyber attack that would cause its downfall. The cyberattack is the mail-in-ballot fraud. It is a Venezuela type of election fraud. The Lord was saying to zero in on the software, the digital cyber dogs. That is where the rape is happening. So the dream took me into some secret place of these elites. I heard the conversation. I felt their lustful eyes on America. And the way they were doing this was like a game to them. They enjoyed watching the American people suffer. A payback of sorts.

Why did the Lord allow me to see this vision and have this dream? He was showing the inside intel of the enemy’s camp not to be afraid nor to give in but what they were doing and about to do. A rape of America is planned. It is in motion. BUT GOD has revealed it and is exposing it day by day and this alternate reality I saw of America WILL NOT come to pass because God has his prophets, prophetic warriors, and warrior patriots rising up to overtake this assault. We are equipped! We are ready! And we will win this fight! I am 100% sure of it! God revealed it to me so we know how to pray, where to strategize, and also to not take this lightly. America is under attack! And we are ready to demolish this assignment!

I don’t know about you but this only fuels the fire in me to stand up and CHARGE! So be it! Let’s do it!

I will be having prayer calls and live broadcasts daily until the Lord instructs otherwise. To get notified, text USA777 TO (404) 442-0039.

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David Oshin (7)

David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.

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