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The word of the Lord came unto me and said, “Shepherd, Shepherd, Shepherd,” and I said unto Him, “Yes my Lord, speak,” and He began to speak, whilst showing me things that are yet to come.

Ten years from now a young woman will be raised in India. She will be used mightily in the apostolic and prophetic and so many souls will be saved through her ministry. There will be a wave of revival in India. Many people will start seeing visions and many will encounter the prophetic.

At that time, a city called Mekelle in Ethiopia, in the region of Tigrly, will be famous with buildings sculptured in modern design. There shall be new infrastructures. It will be a new dawn for Ethiopia, for then also shall a man rise whom the Lord shall use in preaching the gospel. The Lord will restore the popularity of Ethiopia through the gospel.

I saw the hellenic becoming stronger in Greece and Athens regaining its strength.

At that time, there shall be a youth in the land of Nigeria, this moment I talk of will be the end of his term in power, for he shall transcend and hold the Bible.

Pray for the churches in Southern Africa, pray for all Christians, for during that time, they shall face great persecution and for many of them, their love for God shall grow cold.

Pray for an old woman in Vietnam who at that time shall be in cabinet as a minister. She will be used by God to open doors for Christ to be preached in Vietnam. She shall face resistance, and later she will be fired from her office, but the Lord will lay a foundation through her. A year later there shall be liberty for all Christians in Vietnam.

Pray for the Middle East. I foresee that there shall be a crisis, but not of war- there shall be a severe financial crisis. This shall hit even those cities that people know as great cities.


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