Prison ministry sees incredible growth in the United States

By Julie Burdon

pixabay, prison, fenceUnited States (MNN) – As 2018 came to a close, World Missionary Press hit a new record—one that shows just how hungry people are for God’s Word.

World Missionary Press primarily supplies ministries working overseas. However, they also have a domestic ministry that has touched countless lives. For decades, World Missionary Press has been sending Scripture booklets into correctional facilities around the United States.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says, “This is not our standard booklet. It’s a different book. It’s called a Scripture Text Diary Datebook.”

This booklet is a daily reading guide that provides Scripture readings for a whole year. Williams says when she first came to work at World Missionary Press about 20 years ago, they were printing about 300,000 booklets a year. In 2018, they printed 850,000 booklets, and she expects that number to grow.

Impact of the Scripture Text Diary Datebook

She wanted to share a few testimonies they got from prisoners this year.

She says, “This one person is from a prison in Texas. He said, ‘When I get bored and needed spiritual help and guidance, I’d flip through my datebook. I usually find the exact Scripture and verse that always gets me to read even more. And my time passes before I even notice that I spent most of my day just reading my Bible, and always learn more for when someone asks me something. Reading my Bible and just staying busy while I’m doing my time in a positive way has kept me out of trouble for over 14 years. And I know that the Bible has given me a lot of spiritual guidance and also helped throughout the years. So, again, I thank you all at World Missionary Press.’”

They received another testimony from a believer who is imprisoned in California. That individual said they love to use their datebook for daily guidance. It has changed the way that they think while they learn more about Jesus.

Williams says, “That daily verse. That starting them out, having something to hang on to every day, is a lifeline. And it creates a hunger for more of the Word. And so as they read that, they are encouraged to read more, and then the Spirit does the work through the Lord.”

These booklets are printed for just pennies apiece and are greatly appreciated by the chaplains working at the prisons. And, God is using them in incredible ways.

“There’s the Word every day, for the Lord to speak directly to them,” Williams says.

And some people are even giving their lives to Jesus because of what they’ve learned through these datebooks.

“We get letters all the time saying… ‘I’ve discovered that God loves me. And I’ve repented and I’ve accepted the Lord.’”

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press).

In fact, some people who have finished their sentences continue to request these booklets from World Missionary Press so they can grow in their faith.

“Every year, we hear reports of those that have come to the Lord from exposure to the Word and how the Lord has used the Word to perhaps bring other things to mind that they’ve learned in their past, or something that someone has shared, a chaplain or someone.”

It’s really amazing to see how just a simple booklet can be so impactful. But that means it’s really simple for you to get involved in changing lives! First of all, start with prayer. Williams says we can pray for every prisoner who receives a datebook. Pray for a daily change in their hearts, and that they would have a positive impact on the people around them. Pray for healing and restoration in their lives.

And, you can help financially, too. There is an incredible turnover rate in these different facilities, meaning there are new people all the time who could use a new booklet.

“This again is a matter of, we could do more if we had more resources, and the requests are there. We ship them out and…we’re out of them by, say March.”

If you’d like to help support this ministry financially, click here.

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