Prayer Altar Is The Most Dangerous Altar says Bishop Oyedepo

The President of Living Faith Church, Bishop Oyedepo said the Prayer Altar is the most dangerous altar in an evening prayer meeting today at the church headquarters Canaan land Ota. He made this statement in reference to the rapid response of answers to the prayers made in the first day of the “Towards the rescue of  Nigeria operation”. According to Bishop Oyedepo confusion has began already in the camp of those against the

progress of the Nation Nigeria, and this is just the beginning , the prophet of God spoke on Monday that you will hear news . He said the weapon of the believer is prayer and any one that comes against the Church is in trouble, ” pray not to have any issue with this church because when this church prays , God answers and confirms “. The 7days prayer for the peace of the Nation continues till Sunday 29th of July 2018, the Bishop said when God takes over your battle you will be a spectator in it, Nigeria has been handed into God’s hand any one against the progress of the Nation is going down .

Source : Living faith church

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