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[POEM] Children are stars By Joshua Oshin


Joshua oshin
Children are stars
Move fast like cars
They are the light
And would put up a fight
As little kids they see life as fantasy
Wishing to be things they can’t see
But grow to take responsibility
Never to be liability
Life is a warfare
Not a funfair
Children are the future
Standing with strong intentions
They are bullied
But never worried
Only filled with imaginations of a glorious tomorrow
Which would never bring sorrow
I am a child
And also know my side
No child is pampered to success
But instructed to success
We are born to be leaders
Future city builders
We walk in the shoes of our fathers
Not comprising to the words of the world in any matter
What a privilege to know that the world awaits our manifestation
We are bold to say that we would not live a life of degradation
We believe in God
To rule our world

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